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What is Psychotherapy?

  • A safe space to talk about a challenge, problem or difficulty you are experiencing
  • The first couple of sessions will involve the Therapist asking a lot of questions about you, your family & life, your situation, what brought you to therapy and what goals you may have related to therapy
  • The Psychotherapist will draw on various therapeutic approaches to assist you with working through the reason(s) you came to therapy

Why Psychotherapy

  • You feel stuck or “blah”
  • You are going through a life transition
  • You are experiencing changes in sleep, energy, appetite
  • You are experiencing changes in your work/school/social functioning
  • You want a private place to “vent”
  • You are struggling with a relationship or lack thereof
  • You have been diagnosed with depression, anxiety and/or ADD/ADHD and you want to understand what this means and get help to learn how to cope with the symptoms

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